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     Hengkang helpline

    HangKang medical heart of human

    health, heart health development

    must be the huge development of

    human health


    Drop points care for love



    Both ability and political integrity——Talent, Germany's capital also; German who only handsome also. "Virtue"- have a higher basic

    quality, "only" - the basic ability to perform job responsibilities. An old saying goes: ruler is short, inch has director, thing is not sufficient, wisdom

    is unknown. Selection of employment, not seeking both, butto Germany as the first to Germany to promote only to moral education. By

    improving the quality of enterprisepersonnel, to build a talent structure with both ability and political integrity.

    Eclectic——Innovative ideas of talent, eclectic selection of qualified personnel, regardless of seniority, merit is the move. Continue to

    expand the talent selection channels, in the actual discovery of talent, nurture talent, exercise talent, bold use of personnel, vigorously develop

    innovative professionals, continue to grow and develop the talent pool for the sustainable development of enterprises to add stamina.


    Do their best——People have the length, regardless of size, both ability and political integrity, both inside and outside. Know people good,

    people do their best. Huiyanjian talent, passionate love only, tolerance with only,boldly cited before, tolerance only. In-depth exploration of each

    employee's flash point, give full play to the strengths of each employee, maximize the integration of human resources enterprises, for the

    sustainable development of enterprises to provide a strong impetus to promote the healthy development of enterprises into the fast lane.

    Only make the best use——Because of its material to take it, the trial can take it, with its director, cover it short. Knowing people are

    good, is only cite, just suitable for post, suitable post suitable reward. With keen insight and found that each employee's personality traits, so

    that talent can be used to the best people on the position, the advantages of staff to apply the most suitable work, so that sage in its position ,

    Able to work in their positions, their respective functions, to avoid weaknesses, make their best.






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